11 black dresses to wear in 2023

While we’ll always have room for the bold, bright and quirky in our wardrobes, it seems that in 2023, fashion is all about the basics. Neutrals are on the rise as the Vanilla Girl aesthetic takes over TikTok, and on the spring runway, sprinkled between classic cargo pants and blazers, black dresses dominated—which is especially good news, since LBDs have long been a staple.

Black dresses at Versace spring 2023.

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There really is no shortage of ways to style a black dress, and with the help of colorful heels, chunky boots and layering, you can wear the same piece multiple times and look like you’ve never repeated the look. With such versatility, it’s no wonder this fashion must-have keeps coming back. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite black dress ideas that you can try right now.

Think simple and sexy

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Whether you’re looking for a wedding guest outfit or something for a family party, pair your black mini dress with matching strappy heels and you’ll set the dress code in no time.

Add a jacket

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A basic wool blend will always work, but swapping it out for a leather version will help spice things up.

Style it with sneakers

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No casual black dress is complete without a chunky pair of sneakers to give your look a sporty vibe.

Break those boots

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If you’re struggling to find a shoe to pair with a black blazer dress, go the jellyfish route and opt for thigh-high boots. Bonus: it will add warmth during the winter months.

Mix animal print

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Since the base of your outfit is neutral, you can style whatever you want around it. Amp up your look with playful prints, whether it’s zebra boots or a leopard jacket.

Say Yes to Schoolcore

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Preppy fashion is also back. Give your black dress an academic touch by pairing it with knee socks and loafers.

Don’t think too much

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Especially if you wear your black dress in warmer weather. A pair of chunky sandals, a chain necklace, and a black bag combine to make a cute (and airy!) ensemble without going overboard.

Layer up

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If your favorite is a sleeveless black dress, don’t fret. Simply add a collared shirt or turtleneck underneath to keep you warm enough for the cold weather.

Play with colors

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Vibrant hues and even earth tones will really make this dark product stand out, so if you’re hoping to stand out and stand out, go for colorful shoes and accessories.

Become a hat person

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Wide-brimmed hats, berets, baseball caps — all these options can change the overall vibe of your outfit. Choose a style that speaks to your personal aesthetic or experiment by switching them up and wearing whatever suits your mood that day.

Throw it back

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Go Katie Holmes and wear your black dress the Y2K way, layering it over jeans or trousers.

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