8 fashion accessories that I am adding to my offer for winter 2023

I know there’s always a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions, but I have a more complicated relationship with the term. It’s like the moment when the clock strikes 12 in the morning and we start a new year, we mean a whole new year something will begin. Of course, January 1st is a new beginning, but this year I decided to start a new “beginning” a few days before 2023. Why? Because there is too much pressure around the first of the month, in my opinion, and I can never live up to his expectations.

That’s why I spent the last few days of 2022 planning my exercise routine (which I kept in the third week of the New Year, BTW) and cleaning out my closet, donating what no longer served me (or as Marie Kondo would say, what no longer “brings joy “). This means that I started 2023 with an empty closet — which was a big sigh of relief for me. I felt lighter! I was inspired again! And I was ready to buy with full intent in 2023.

So, after getting rid of the old, I’m investing in something new and decided to share my top shopping picks of 2023 with you, in case you’re in the mood for a refresh too. We hope so sparks some inspiration (wink, wink).

Skims Soft Lounge dress with long sleeves


I can thank my sister for this. While at home for the holidays, she wore this elegant, simple Skims dress to a family dinner. It looked so elegant and comfortable, so I asked her where it was from – she replied “Skims” – and then I asked her if I could try it on. The fit was flawless and the fabric was extremely soft, so of course I decided to invest in the $88 long sleeve dress as well. I’ll be wearing it with everything from sneakers to knee high boots this season and beyond.

Buy now: 88 dollars; nordstrom.com

Jenny Bird Be Bold Choker


I’ve developed quite an interest in big, chunky chokers — and I think I can thank the big, oversized trend for that. But really, nothing dresses up a simple elegant turtleneck (which is my winter staple) like a bold necklace. This Jenny Bird is bold but still classy, ​​and I know for sure I’ll have it in my collection for years to come. So I agree to spend $278 on it.

Buy now: 278 dollars; jenny-bird.com

Milly Sheer Cami Dress with Waves


Here’s a promise: 2023 is the year I wear more color — or at least invest in a few heroic pieces that aren’t black. When I saw this Milly dress, I fell in love with it. Color combination! Wave details! Clean environment! It’s the perfect mix of sexy yet elegant, and even though I know Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, I’ll definitely be wearing this for a date night.

Buy now: 425 dollars; milly.com

DL1961 Zoie wide leg relaxed vintage


I’m in love with two things: oversized pants and anything sustainable denim from DL1961. That’s why I make these wide leg jeans mine. I’m obsessed with the cool, casual black color, the billowy silhouette, and the belt that sits higher in the back than in the front. Talk about some detailing. They also have very Y2K vibes, something I’m really into right now.

Buy now: 209 dollars; dl1961.com

Larroudé Blair ballet flat in ivory patent leather


I’ll always love heels, but lately I’ve been drawn to ballet flats. Maybe it’s because of the ballet movement that’s taken over the celebrity street style scene, or maybe it’s because sensible shoes are just that: sensible. But whatever the reason, I’m adding new plains to my lineup, and these Larroudé babies are at the top of the list. Can’t you just picture them with cute cashmere socks this time of year? Ugh.

Buy now: 315 dollars; larroude.com

Petite Plume 100% Mulberry Silk White Cosette Nightgown

Small plume

I’m a silk dress junkie. As of this writing, I currently own two, but will be adding this Petite Plume number to my collection next, bringing that number to three. Although this one technically night dress, who’s to say you can style it for a night on the town? I say you can and I certainly will. The brand has tons of other amazing loungewear, and even got Gwyneth Paltrow’s stamp on it — so even if this slip dress isn’t for you, I’m sure you’ll find something else you like.

Buy now: 150 dollars; petite-plume.com

Favorite daughter Favorite pants Pleated pants


Last year was the year I really fell in love with pants, and I’ll continue to do so in 2023, which is why I’m investing in this pair from Favorite Daughter. There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping into a jacket to brighten up a bad morning. They’re chic, comfortable and versatile, so much so that they require very little thought about style. My favorite way to wear them right now is with relaxed tees and sneakers for a more casual approach.

Buy now: 218 dollars; nordstrom.com

Sheertex classic transparent tights


There is no time like the present finally invest in tights that won’t tear as soon as I put my foot in them. I’ve heard great things about Sheertex socks (my friend owns a few pairs and she really likes them), so I finally decided to add them to my cart while some models are on sale. I love the sleek black pair for everyday wear, but you can also get the cute polka dot ones or the sexy backstitched pair if you want something more intriguing.

Buy now: $39 (originally $59); sheertex.com

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