Alex Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, a close friend once made fun of her unusual fashion sense by gifting her a dress that never ends!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were a real power couple, known for their bold and eye-catching fashion choices. Their bold choices and impressive ensembles have left a lasting impression on fans and the fashion industry.

One of the most memorable moments in their fashion history was when JLo graced the red carpet at the premiere of her movie Second Act, in a stunning couture dress that left everyone speechless. JLo was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show a few years ago, where they reminisced about her iconic look. But it seems DeGeneres had a little more in store for JLo.

Ellen playfully mocks JLo


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In 2019, JLo appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Ellen playfully mocked JLo for her huge pink dress that couldn’t even fit in her car. This is what she said, “You went to the second act of your movie premiere and the dress you wore didn’t even fit in your car.” To which JLo responded, “It’s a lot of fun.”

JLo is known for her love of fashion, and her love for this dress was just as inevitable, “But listen, Ellen, I mean it’s like a fantasy, what girl doesn’t want to wear THAT dress”

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Ellen indulged in Lopez’s love of huge puffy dresses and playfully mocked her, saying, “We went ahead and got you a dress you’ll love.” After which Ellen’s team member brought out the orange dress. It appeared to be a simple orange dress, but as the crewman descended the stairs, the trail of the dress just kept going on and on. The endless runway was a fun sight to behold, and JLo looked like she was having just as much fun.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez red carpet looks

JLo made her grand entrance to the premiere in a high fashion pink Giambattista Valli gown. The magnificent gown, complete with cascading tulle train, required a bus to transport to the event. JLo attracted attention with the striking contrast of the voluminous train and the short hem of the dress.


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She was accompanied, of course, by Alex Rodriguez, her boyfriend at the time, who was in his own fancy ensemble. The couple have since split up, but their fashion legacy lives on through iconic moments like this one.

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