And just like that… Aidan Shaw gets a fashion shine

Men from And just like that… they didn’t do so well in the Sex and the city reboot right? Mr. Big is dead, Steve has been dumped, and the new male characters on the scene have had to contend with bouts of public vomiting.

But unlike Peloton’s share price freefalling after Carrie’s husband’s cardiac arrest, Aidan Shaw’s shares appear to be rising. Almost two years after rumors of our favorite carpenter’s return initially surfaced in April 2021 (when actor John Corbett stated in an interview, “I’m going to do a series”), pictures from the set And just like that… season 2 they confirmed that Aidan will appear. And as he holds hands with Carrie again, he’s not wearing his old wardrobe of worn-out denim, Western shirts and worn suede jackets—Sex and the cityThe most adored woodworker shone.

Aidan must be thrilled to have Carrie finally invested in some village-friendly Birkenstocks, but judging by his own AJLT debut outfit – a belted Belstaff jacket and smart plum trousers – he seems to have swapped the rugged backwoods of Suffern, New York for a wardrobe more suited to the pared-down country club setting.

Did Aidan retreat to the countryside because of the pandemic? Does he now sell rustic wooden furniture to boutique hotels? Can you buy his picnic benches at ABC Carpet & Home? Certainly no more sanding love seats by hand.

Old Aidan wears one of his many worn brushed leather jackets.

Old Aidan wears one of his many worn brushed leather jackets.

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Ironically, we can see more of Mr. Big than old-school Aidan in that belted Belstaff. He was a man more preoccupied with heritage insignia and savoir-faire, sure to like finely crafted field jackets. Meanwhile, old Aidan was more interested in flea market finds, wood oil stained plaid shirts, Levi’s 501s worn out in his workshop, and chunky silver and turquoise rings made by upstate artisans. Maybe Aidan 2.0 has a dresser in his bedroom lined with Sea Island Cotton Sunspel t-shirts and Pantherella cashmere socks? Did he cash out his company so he could splurge on Brunello Cucinelli? Did he buy Carrie a pair of Chanel jackets?

Time will tell what else is hidden in Aidan’s (wooden and hand-carved) wardrobe and if Carrie will fashionably cheat with the furniture again. We can be sure of one thing And just like that… turns around? This version of Aidan seems a lot less likely to be found flailing around in the mud.

This article was originally published in British Vogue.

It originally appeared on Glamour

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