Bouquets and bubbles bloom with love for 2 things | Business

While brainstorming ideas to build on his business, entrepreneur Anthem Pleasant, founder of the Peoria Florist brand, hit on an idea that combined two things he enjoyed into one fun and interactive experience — champagne and flowers.

The result was Bouquets and Bubbles, a course that teaches its students how to be floral designers themselves, while enjoying quality champagne and having a good time.

“I want to teach a group of people how to design flowers in a fun champagne hors d’oeuvres atmosphere,” Pleasant said.

Bouquets and Bubbles is the latest of many different business ventures that Pleasant has come up with. The businessman was involved in inventions such as his patented toothbrush cushion and was also a designer and inventor. Pleasant’s versatility expands with this class.

Classes lasting two hours take place in two halves. The first hour consists of the registration process, meeting and greeting, and introduction to the other members of the class. This allows participants to create a friendship-like experience among themselves, which better integrates the class.

“I like the idea of ​​a Great Gatsby-like party,” Pleasant said. “It’s a celebratory feeling when you drink champagne, and then I simply combined it with flowers. The atmosphere is really good. That’s what makes me excited about this.”

The second hour is dedicated to design. Participants create two floral designs, one larger bouquet for themselves and one smaller one that can be given as a gift under the guidance of a master designer. And this creative part consists of fun, socializing and, of course, champagne.

“You make one for yourself, the big one, and then the little one is given as a gift to a friend, family or neighbor,” Pleasant said. “So you’re not only paying for the experience, you’re also buying a gift for the other person.”

Pleasant’s classes cost $100 and are very successful. The initial class consisted of 15 people, but when word got out about the bouquets and bubbles, interest in the class grew. At his last lecture, held in October 2022, the number of attendees at the lecture almost tripled as people wanted to try their hand at designing bouquets with some bubbles.

This reception inspired Pleasant to give more lectures. His biggest idea is to theme each class.

The October course was Halloween themed, including pumpkins as bouquet holders. This festival that is held with every holiday is something that is very attractive to customers, because they not only make flower arrangements, but they do it in an interesting and fun way.

Pleasant already has plans for his next course and is doing everything to make it the best yet.

“We’re going to do a classic Japanese-style event where the tradition in Japan is a little bit reversed from America in that the woman gives the man chocolate,” Pleasant said. “In Japan, you don’t just give it to your husband or boyfriend, you give it to your bosses.”

Pleasant continued, “(Most) women go for this and design a flower arrangement. And then the box of chocolates that will also be taken home as a gift could potentially be, what we’re suggesting is that they keep that box of chocolates and give it to their significant other on Valentine’s Day.”

Pleasant plans to expand the many ideas he has in his creative tank, but popularity is growing, like bubbles in a champagne glass.

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