Chozzie’s Bakery, an MPS therapist’s home business, sells cookies, brownies

Kristine M. Kierzek

Winter is the theme of this batch of cookies from Chozzie's Bakery.  Kristin Zenz started decorating cookies by hand in an effort to challenge herself.

A math problem about muffins was the first hint that Kristin Zenz might become a baker. Even though it was just supposed to be a way for the elementary school student to learn fractions, she couldn’t stop thinking about the muffins. She wanted to go home and make the recipe.

It has been burning ever since. It wasn’t necessarily anything fancy to begin with, and mostly just for fun. Working as a speech therapist for the Milwaukee Public Schools, she baked whenever she had time. Last summer she decided to use the extra time she had and started a baking business, adding skills and new recipes as she gained confidence.

Chozzie’s Bakery officially opened in May 2022, and began selling at the Menomonee Falls Farmers Market. As the local baker learned what people like, she continued to set challenges for herself. She continues to offer her best-selling chocolate chip cookies, almond croissants and scotcherooses, plus seasonal favorites, while expanding to include cinnamon rolls, cakes and hand-decorated cookies.

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