Couture for couples, fashion’s terrifying symmetry

Worcester Magazine welcomes stories from individuals as well as couples who share their experiences of shopping and styling together.

A perfect pairing

“So excited!” Carol Parker from Worcester wrote to share fashion finds for herself and husband Dennis, reflecting their personal style and favorite labels.

Dennis finds two LL Bean shirts, in like-new condition, for $12.99 at Savers in Worcester, where Carol finds a Talbots blouse, also in like-new condition, for $7.99.

Their happiness did not stop there. Carol found a pair of Talbots pants, again like new, and also $7.99, at the thrift store of the First Congregational Church in Holden.

Carol and Dennis Parker of Worcester model some of their thrift store finds.  Carol is wearing a Talbots blouse and trousers.  Dennis is wearing an LL Bean shirt.

Shopping for two can be twice the adventure and twice the enjoyment.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, consider sharing stories and photos of you and your spouse, significant other, or life partner in magic and maybe a little mayhem.

The creature comforts

Animal patterns permeate our fashion world. Perhaps it is something that dates back to humanity’s earliest artistic expression, with images of birds and beasts painted on cave walls, a time when humans saw animals and themselves as part of the same environment.

A snake print skirt for $4.79 and a stylish toddler top for $6.99, both from Savers in Worcester.

Also, humans love patterns and we admire nature for creating them, even though they are awe-inspiring, as the poet William Blake wrote in his poem “The Tiger.”

“What immortal hand or eye,/Could frame thy dire symmetry?”

Clothing, shoes, and accessories that mimic leopard, cheetah, snake, and zebra designs can be found in abundance at thrift stores, including a snake print skirt I found for $4.79 at Savers in Worcester, along with an adorable toddler top , at $6.99.

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