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New Delhi: Choosing the right clothes for a man’s wardrobe is not easy in a world where fashion trends are always changing.

“Instead of blindly following fashion trends, one should buy clothes carefully and invest in a quality wardrobe,” says Ashish, co-founder of BeYours, a clothing brand that specializes in men’s fashion.

BeYours features a complete range of minimalist clothing for men. This brand stands out for its timeless essentials – clothes that do not lose their charm in the name of changing fashion trends.

Nilesh, co-founder of BeYours, states that “a man’s wardrobe should include a mix of casual and formal items that can be worn on multiple occasions when paired with the right combination. That’s why we’ve got it all covered – from a pair of golf shorts to a formal linen shirt.”

According to him, these are the top six must-have items in a man’s wardrobe:

Air pants and a classic shirt

If you want to show your personality, then Air pants are what you need. In combination with a classic shirt, they certainly give you a confident and charming look. Not at all like your normal pants, these Air pants are super comfortable and can be worn all day at work or on a night out for dinner.

Pants for every day with a polo shirt

Over the years, Polo shirts have earned their name as a fashion classic. When tucked under a snug pair of everyday trousers, they’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for a range of stylish casual trousers.

Linen pants and linen shirts

Linen is an all-season fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wearing a natural glow, a pair of linen pants and a linen shirt in vibrant colors can make you look extremely attractive at your friend’s wedding reception.

Airy shorts and soft crew neck t-shirts

A pair of air shorts will be a men’s favorite – they exude simple style and comfort. Paired with a soft triple blend crew neck tee, they can beat the summer heat if you want to spend a day at the beach.

As corporate spaces around the world embrace a culture of casualness, a pair of everyday shorts in subtle colors can shake up a smart casual work look on Fridays.

24-hour pants with Renew shirts

A pair of regular pants is never easy to wear for long hours, thanks to the thick fabric. The 24-hour pants are designed to give you maximum comfort – so you can even go trekking down a hill or get a good night’s sleep without getting in the way. Combined with the Renew Shirt, it can be your go-to outfit for finalizing the business deal you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Smart hoodies, daring t-shirts and sweatpants

Hoodies and sweatshirts are no longer limited to winter wear. When you wear them over sweatpants, they give you the perfect sporty look, and when you wear them with a shirt, they give you a semi-formal look. Basic color tracksuits and pairs of relaxed joggers look good no matter the occasion.

Therefore, if you want to renew your wardrobe, BeYours is your destination. The team at BeYours carefully crafts each design after thorough research and analysis. So be sure to check out BeYours – it has every piece of clothing you’ll ever need to complete your wardrobe.

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