Fashion house Dior has already won 2023 as far as the BTS Army is concerned

Dior’s latest announcement earned the unanimous support of the BTS ARMY. After unveiling its latest global ambassador, netizens have heaped praise on the French luxury fashion house for its collaboration with BTS‘ IT boy Jimin in their upcoming Summer 2023 menswear collection.

In a spectacular marketing choice, the luxury brand decided to make Jimin their brand ambassador and released a look at their upcoming collection by Dior’s artistic director, Kim Jones. In what the brand describes as a “colorful look”, the singer is seen wearing a teal baggy jacket with a pair of trendy green baggy trousers. Another tweet has since been shared, showing the 27-year-old in a darker setting, also part of Dior’s upcoming collection. This is the first time the brand has teamed up with BTS for an official collection release.

As surprising as it is for ARMY, this collaboration isn’t the first time the luxury brand has worked with the K-Pop industry. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun are also global Dior ambassadors, but what might surprise fans, even more, is that the French powerhouse has been linked to BTS for some time. The profitable and well-attended Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour featured many of Jones’ creations on stage. The fashion shows were characterized by understated and impressive outfits created by the designer inspired by the personality of each member.

Of course, BTS fans are undeniably loyal, and with their dizzying passion remaining unwavering, this collaboration did not go unnoticed among netizens. This historic partnership turned the world upside down for ARMY. From deductions to Hyundai cars and even toothpaste, the members of BTS have been known to use their “golden touch” time and time again to completely sell out literally anything – even if it’s not their intention. As expected, fans are already lining up to get their hands on Dior’s upcoming summer collection, even labeling the brand as the best luxury house in the fashion industry.

As BTS prepares for the upcoming mandatory conscription, each member is currently working on their own colors through solo albums. According to rumors, the BTS singer may be the next member to join the group’s solo lineup. Add a new album to this glorious Dior collaboration and it’s sure to keep ARMY busy and happy in the coming weeks.

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