ICP DAS turns data into insights and supports companies in starting their ESG journey

HSINCHU, January 15, 2023 /CNW/ — In recent years, the business goals of global companies go beyond making a profit. Incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) thinking into business goals and achieving Net Zero has gained great importance. Therefore, the adoption of ESG is increasing. ICP DAS, a company with a long tradition, was there to support companies to take the ESG and Net Zero path. Moreover, we obtained tangible results of energy efficiency – an increase in the production capacity of the plant by 28% per year.

In the field of ESG and sustainability, data is the answer for businesses. ICP DAS – an experienced industrial automation technology supplier – supports companies in data measurement, transmission and visualization, discovery of insights for preventive maintenance and predictive diagnosis. With a holistic line of products and services, including IIoT controllers, sensors, software, remote I/O modules and units, industrial communication devices, power meters and accessories, IT/OT convergence services and customized solutions, ICP DAS defines the client’s ESG approach to save energy and decarbonize.

ICP DAS helps factories with ESG projects and our portfolio covers local and international companies in various industries. Since electricity production accounts for around 70% of total greenhouse gases, achieving energy and efficiency measurement is vital for companies adopting ESG principles.

ICP DAS once supported a client in the digitalization of a palm oil factory in Thailand. Our expert team suggests the use of three-phase smart electricity meters (PM-3133-360P) to obtain reliable and accurate data on the energy consumption of oil ejector motors. The data is then transmitted to the IIoT electricity meter concentrator (PMC-5231) via Modbus RTU, stored and logically calculated before being sent to the SCADA system via the Modbus TCP protocol.

A unique feature of the ICP DAS PMC-5231 allows automatic generation of energy consumption reports. Staff can assess and find root problems based on daily, weekly and monthly reports for preventive maintenance and OEE improvement. As real-time energy data becomes digital, achieving energy efficiency becomes possible. We increased the production capacity of the factory by 28% per year – a noticeable and tangible result.

Powerful IoT software is essential to boost ESG performance. ICP DAS’s IoTstar allows building IoT systems in the cloud and connecting our WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. The software offers five basic services – remote access and maintenance, sensor data collection and storage, dashboard, reports and robot services.

ICP DAS once helped a leading distributor and technology supplier in India with data visualization for 250 water supply systems. Previously, staff had to manually record sensor data collected by widely dispersed on-site PLCs, which was laborious. Therefore, the client decided to install our IIoT Edge Controller WISE-5231M-4GE at all locations in the city to transmit data to IoTstar via 4G for real-time monitoring in the control center. Since frequent on-site inspections are no longer required, this saves labor costs and reduces the company’s carbon footprint from transportation.

At ICP DAS, we propose optimized solutions and implement them. Our robust and reliable industrial automation products and 30 years of domain knowledge enable customers to address challenges and be one step closer to achieving Net Zero. Together with companies, we play a role in preserving a habitable planet.


ICP DAS, founded in 1993, is focused on innovation and improvement of industrial automation technologies. 30 years of experience in the global industrial market allows the company to take a leading position among providers of solutions for Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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