I’m 73 years old — people say my clothes are inappropriate, but I don’t care

She is a model old lady.

Sexy seven-year-old Colleen Heidemann flaunts who she is more reached social networks.

Her trendy TikTok page features footage of her stunning photoshoots, her stylish outfits, and even her stunning workout routines, complete with glamorous makeup!

She has attracted more than 318,000 followers, who are inspired by her sultry attitude against stereotypes of the elderly.

Hip Heidemann, who claims she only started her modeling career at the age of 69, has released an empowering viral video in which she dresses in a range of swimwear.

“This swimsuit is not age appropriate, they say,” he mocks the haters at the beginning of the provocative clip. “I say: wear what you feel good in!”

Colleen Heidemann in a black swimsuit
A fashion-forward older woman has hit back at haters who criticize her for not wearing age-appropriate swimwear.
Colleen Heidemann wears a Vans off the shoulder top and a yellow skirt
Heidemann said she started her modeling career at the ripe old age of 69, proving that age is really just a number.

Heidemann, who is said to be 73 years old, included a presentation of herself looking very cool in the seemingly summer heat as she models a variety of swimwear – one-pieces and bikinis.

“Everyone’s body is in a bathing suit,” she wrote – and her viewers raved about the sentiment.

“OMG YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” gushed one ecstatic user.

“I’m literally speechless every time I see you here,” boasted another, who called Heidemann a “queen.” “I hope one day to have that much confidence and self-love.”

“You’re an inspiration,” enthused another, who said he wanted to be just like her when he “grew up.”

“You look great!! Keep wearing what you love!” another interjected.

“A beautiful and elegant woman,” praised one user.

“Aging goals,” wrote another.

In other clips, Heidemann, who is signed to NEXT Models, is decked out in authentic ’80s workout gear, mimicking Jane Fonda’s look for her workout.

The former flight attendant also shares her skincare routine and glam sessions with her fans, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at her runway shows.

Colleen Heidemann wears a sexy black strapless swimsuit
She posted a viral video showing off her swimwear, from bikinis to one-pieces.
Colleen Heidemann is doing her makeup
On her TikTok, she regularly posts behind-the-scenes looks at photo shoots and sessions with her glam squad.

Sophisticated seniors often promote confidence and self-love, embodying the message personally and professionally.

“When I ask myself, ‘When do I feel beautiful?’, it’s a mental thing for me that just brings out the beauty of love,” Heidemann says in a YouTube video produced by her management agency.

“I cannot imagine living a moment, not an hour, not a day, without beauty in my life.”

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