Live sales help LA-based sustainable fashion brand ‘Timeless Threads’ grow 3x

LOS ANGELES-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Live selling is coming of age in the United States led by platforms like CommentSold. This new wave of e-commerce, perfectly suited to the shopping habits of the Millennial+ generation, is set for mass adoption in 2023, as demonstrated by Timeless Threads reaching $5 million in GMV live trade at the end of 2022 on the CommentSold platform. Adding five stars to this achievement is the fact that Timeless Threads sells sustainably produced products made in the USA that are far from the typical fast fashion sold on social media. In 2020, the brand saved 102,000 yards of fabric from landfills.

Sarah Bertram, owner of Timeless Threads, started selling on social media and quickly embraced live selling as it allowed her to use her personality to increase sales. In 2019, Sarah moved her family from Michigan to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for sustainable fashion and launch a sustainable Made in the USA brand, WestWind, in 2020. Entrepreneurs like Sarah are the catalyst and foundation for the growth of live sales in the US

“Everyone was using CommentSold, so it was easy to join. There would be no way I could sell the volume I do or do what I do without CommentSold,” said Bertram. “The waitlist capabilities and the waitlist authorization are very valuable, especially for me in the manufacturing industry and looking for volume for future style production. The app is absolutely amazing, providing direct access to users via push notifications.”

CommentSold is constantly innovating to provide retailers and brands across the US with the latest technology and support every day, providing a turnkey live commerce platform for retailers to share their brand story and create community-based engagement.

CommentSold and Timeless Threads are collaborating on an exclusive partnership, hosting live selling events focused on sustainable fashion at CommentSold’s Live Selling Studio in Santa Monica, CA.

“Timeless Threads has a strong brand and point of view. The foundation of why live selling is so powerful is that it creates deep connections between the exhibitor and the community they nurture. Timeless Threads has been able to harness the power of live commerce to bring their products to life, engaging their community as they share their ethos of sustainability. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with WestWind and help create a channel to share more about sustainable fashion,” said Finn Faldi, Chief Business Officer of CommentSold.

According to Coresight research, nearly one-third of US consumers have watched a purchasable live stream, and 52% of US live stream viewers make a purchase. By leveraging this new technology and sales channel, retailers like Timeless Threads continue to digitally innovate and connect with a growing US consumer audience that research shows spends over 8 hours a day with digital media.

About timeless threads

Timeless Threads was founded by Sarah Bertram in 2015. Sarah began her retail journey as a social seller in 2015 and eventually launched her own brand WestWind in 2020. WestWind is a womenswear brand offering sizes 00-24. It is made from deconstruction fabric and in 2020, WestWind has saved over 100 thousand yards of fabric from landfills. Sarah still personally designs everything she makes, and Westwind is 100% made in the USA, in downtown Los Angeles.

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About CommentSold

CommentSold is the North American leader in live selling technology (ranked by G2), empowering more than 7,000 small and medium-sized merchants with live selling tools, generating 147 million+ items sold with $3.5 billion+ in lifetime GMV. CommentSold’s technology continues to provide small businesses and mid-sized brands and merchants with best-in-class solutions for delivering engaging live video commerce experiences. The company’s recent innovations include their lightweight video commerce plugin technology, Videoeo, which gives any retailer or brand the ability to embed and go live with engaging, branded live video commerce experiences within days by simply integrating into their existing e-commerce suite.

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