Michel Reybier Hospitality, EHL Hospitality Business School, The Gérard Basset Foundation and Liquid Icons are collaborating to create the definitive Golden Vines® Scholarship to improve diversity and inclusion in the hospitality industry

JANUARY 16, 2023 | LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM | Michel Reybier Hospitality is pleased to announce that it is creating the new Golden Vines® scholarship in partnership with EHL Hospitality Business School (EHL), the world’s leading hotel management school, the Gérard Basset Foundation (GBF) and Liquid Icons (LIP).

Aimed at improving diversity and inclusivity in the hospitality industry, the Michel Reybier Hospitality Golden Vines® EHL MSc Hospitality Management Scholarship will enable a Person of Color (BAME/BIPOC) to access EHL’s prestigious HES-SO MSc in Hospitality Management. Teaching takes place on-site at the EHL campus in Lausanne (Switzerland), and the entire master’s program lasts three semesters.

In addition to benefiting from the fantastic teaching of the EHL Hospitality Business School, the winning scholarship holder will also, upon successful completion of their studies, undertake a 6-month paid internship at La Réserve Genève, part of Michel Reybier Hospitality, where they will be able to put their newly acquired skills into practice. The application window for this exciting new scholarship is now open. Candidates can apply from January 16, 2023 to March 13, 2023 at:

Scholarship funding will cover the scholarship’s tuition fees and include a paid internship upon successful completion of the master’s degree. The judging panel will consist of Nina Basset FIH representing the Gérard Basset Foundation, Odile Tonara representing the EHL Hospitality Business School and Michel Reybier representing Michel Reybier Hospitality.

Michel Reybier, founder of Michel Reybier Hospitality, commented: “Supporting and accompanying young people who have chosen the hospitality profession is my special concern.”

Nina Basset FIH, Founding Director and President of the Gérard Basset Foundation, added: “As a hotelier, I am delighted that the Foundation is working with EHL and Michel Reybier Hospitality to open leading roles in the sector in an inclusive way to ever-more diverse candidates.”

About the Gérard Basset Foundation

Established to honor the legacy and memory of Gérard Basset OBE MS MW by addressing the wine industry’s most pressing issues through education, training and mentoring, the Gérard Basset Foundation comprises a multidisciplinary team of industry-leading experts: Nina Basset FIH, Romané Basset, Lewis Chester DipWSET , Ian Harris MBE DipWSET, Sasha Lushnikov, Jancis Robinson OBE MW.


About liquid icons

Liquid Icons is a fine wine research and content production company founded by two friends to “do things in wine” – the late, great Gérard Basset OBE MW MS and Lewis Chester DipWSET. We create premium original content and research on the world’s best wines and spirits. Our work spans film, industry research, recognizing and celebrating wine and spirits excellence, charitable and fundraising activities, as well as educational initiatives.


About catering Michel Reybier

For more than 20 years, Michel Reybier has been paving the way for a unique, very contemporary vision of luxury and hospitality. Each destination of Michel Reybier Hospitality upholds its cherished values ​​of excellence, authenticity and simplicity. Whether in a hotel, a villa or a private apartment, in the mountains or by the sea, in the countryside, in the heart of the vineyards or in the city… The only condition: more precisely, exceptional places that smolder with peculiar emotions. The only ambition: to share the refined art of living, dedicated above all to the well-being and pleasure of our guests. This holistic approach is based on unforgettable experiences, where sport, food, wellness and passion form an inseparable whole. This approach is supported by Nescens’ medical expertise, whose ultimate goal is to ensure that people live better, healthier lives for as long as possible. The promise of bringing meaning to every moment.


About the EHL group

EHL Group is a global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and service sector. With expertise dating back to 1893, the EHL Group now offers a wide range of leading education programs from apprenticeships to masters, as well as professional and executive education, across three campuses in Switzerland and Singapore. EHL Group also offers consulting and certification services to companies and learning centers worldwide. True to its values ​​and committed to building a sustainable world, EHL Group’s purpose is to provide education, services and work environments that are people-centered and open to the world.


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