New Sports Code and Disciplinary Code from 2023

The FAI General Air Sport Commission (CASI) have did extensive revision of the FAI General Part of the Sporting Code aand as to createEng the new Disciplinary Code. She took these two documents with application from January 1, 2023.

The format and content of the General Section have been revised.


  • We have 5 levels of titles/subtitles instead of 6.
  • Content makes research much easier. It now shows the first 3 levels instead of 2. Each level has a header that defines what it refers to.
  • The selected language is British-English, not American-English. The rules of typography are respected and redundancies are removed.
  • Some terms have been clarified and unified.
  • Some chapters have been reorganized into a more logical order. Some paragraphs have been moved from one chapter to another.
  • Irrelevant cross-references have been deleted.


Below are the most significant changes.

Some have consequences for NAC and ASC. Such consequences are listed and marked with an asterisk *.


The Sports Code also deals with achievement badges. * ASCs must define the necessary requirements. NACs are responsible for control and certification.

1. Principleles and Authority of the FAI

Reference documents include the new FAI Disciplinary Code.

The NAC, ASC and EB share responsibility for enforcing the Sporting Code.

2. Classes and definitions

The class definition was removed in 2016. It has been replaced and updated.

Most other definitions have been moved to Chapter 7: International Records

3. FAI sports licenses (SL)

NACs have an obligation to issue SLs to qualified persons.

* NAC eligibility criteria and information on the process of obtaining a sports license must be available within the regulations of each NAC.

* The duration of sports licenses is at least until the end of the calendar year.

The issuance of SL by the FAI to FAI competitors has been clarified.

The consequences of withdrawing a sports license have been clarified.

In accordance with the changes to the Statute from 2022, when NAC fails to pay its membership fee on time, its pilots will have their sports licenses suspended.

4. Sports events

Terms that define FAI event participants are reviewed.

* Team leaders (or team managers) must have a valid sports license.

Anti-doping rule violations are updated.

In accordance with the 2022 Statute changes, when the NAC does not pay its membership fees on time, it cannot add events to the FAI calendar.

Suspension and cancellation of events has been clarified. This can happen before or during the event. Responsibilities are defined.

5. Control of sports events

The role of FAI officials has been clarified.

Stewards and controllers may be appointed by the ASC.

Officials have been appointed in the Second Category competitions.

* Jury must be introduced at all Second Category events. Modification may be required in certain sections. Some ASCs already have such policies and can share their experiences.

6. Penalties, complaints, protests, appeals

The chapter has been completely rewritten. It is in accordance with the new Disciplinary Code. Penalties are described in more detail. Different processes are described before, during and after the event, and for recording attempts.

Read carefully. Comments will be answered.

7. International records

There are no significant changes.

8. Measurements, calculations, margins

There are no significant changes.

The source of the photo is Lukas from Pixabay.

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