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Here’s a look at the promotions, hires, moves and reporters in the Memphis area business scene:

Mary Grayson Fauser

Mary Grayson Fauser he joined Marx-Bensdorf REAL ESTATE DEALERS. She now works in tandem with her mother, Robin Fauser, to serve buyers and sellers throughout the Mid-South. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in finance.

Based in Memphis IMC companies, one of the largest ship drainage companies in the United States, recently announced the expansion of Ohio Intermodal Services (OIS), an IMC company, to Louisville, Kentucky. The new location is part of a strategic growth plan to expand drainage expertise and services into the Ohio Valley, a region currently underserved by carriers that haul and store containers from Louisville rail yards. The new 11-acre OIS will become a full-service warehouse. Pacific Dryage ServicesThe IMC company also recently opened a Riverside, California location that offers warehousing and cross dock services.

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