Sher maker atop a corrugated wooden longhouse with a steel roof for a fashion studio in Chiang Mai

its producer is completing a long-term studio

Long goy, which means in translation ‘try it’ in the Northern Thai dialect, is the motto that conveys the ideology of this fashion house brand that has evolved from its cultural roots to create modern, experimental expressions. Uniting these values, Long Goy Studio by Sher Maker is a street fashion house based in Chiang Mai which houses the brand’s entire operations, from design to textile workshops for production to showrooms for storage and distribution.

Drawing influence from vernacular architecture infused with modern techniques, the building takes the form of a traditional wooden longhouse with a corrugated steel roof. Its pleated smart board and hardwood facade, painted a vivid blue accented with shades of red, alludes to the rice barn behind it and wider Lanna cultural roots.

long goy 5
all images courtesy of Sher Maker

drawing on Northern Thai culture and vernacular

Studio Long Goy is located parallel to the house and overlooks the common yard. Its shape, proportions and location draw on the context of the original northern rice barn that was demolished from the area and reassembled into the idyllic garden pavilion that now sits behind the studio. In a modern juxtaposition with the traditional neighboring architecture, Sher Maker designs the space with local primary materials for its steel structures, smart panel timber facade and glass openings that allow natural light to enter from the north side of the building.

long goy 4

The facade is painted with vivid blue wood paint, and the sides are divided by blue-red stained hardwood. This visual language mimics the reversed stitches in textile sewing and specifically relies on the double-sided fold technique to give each side of the building a coherent yet distinct perception.

From the inside, architects place the sewing workshop inside a large, high atrium where air and light can circulate freely during working hours. The exhibition hall and studio are located at the end of the building, penetrating through the courtyard and the workshop.

long goy 1

long goy 2

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information about the project:

Name: Long Goy
architecture: Sher Maker
place: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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