USI in partnership with a Chinese university offers a dual degree in sports management

The University of Southern Indiana has partnered with Chengdu Sports University in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, for students studying sports economics and management in the University’s College of Economics and Management. The partnership, which marks the first time USI has offered an international program in sports management, introduces high-quality educational resources to Chengdu undergraduates and aims to foster a strong international vision and competitiveness in the field of sports management.

dr. Emilija Zlatkovska, USI’s executive director of international programs, says that 93 students are currently enrolled in the program. The partnership celebrated an official kick-off meeting in April 2022, attended by USI and Chengdu Sports University leaders.

“This partnership is the first of its kind internationally for USI and I can’t wait to see how it develops and grows in the future,” says Zlatkovska. “I always say when we can’t have many students traveling to all the different countries of the world, we can bring a little bit of the world to USI and Evansville. Hosting our future Chinese students here will certainly strengthen the university’s mission of global impact and visibility and help diversify our campus. We are excited to welcome Chengdu students to USI.”

USI and Chengdu Sports University have jointly aligned the curriculum to meet the academic standards of both institutions. The USI Sport Management Program it is also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Sports Management (COSMA).

“All courses are designed to meet the standards set by COSMA and provide students with a clear and successful path to completing their studies. Classes will focus on theory and applied knowledge,” says Dr. Renee Frimming, head and professor of kinesiology and sports. “As a department, we are proud to have a program that appeals to international students and are excited to partner with an innovative and internationally recognized institution.”

Using a 3+1 campus model, the partnership allows students from Chengdu to complete their first three years of study at Chengdu Sports University and their fourth year at USI. Before arriving at USI, students from Chengdu will need to complete an additional 100 hours of English training to facilitate cultural adjustment when they arrive at USI. All courses at USI will be conducted in English. At the end of their fourth year, Chengdu students will receive undergraduate degrees from both USI and Chengdu Sport University.

In addition to the 3+1 campus model, arrangements are being finalized to implement the 2+2 campus model where students in Chengdu will complete their first two years of study at Chengdu Sports University and their final two years at USI.

Founded in 1942, Chengdu Sports University (CDSU) is a sports college with the longest history in China. CDSU has become a nationally famous and distinctive sports college, seizing the opportunity of the construction of the national central city in Chengdu to contribute to the construction of a famous international competition city, a regional sports industry center and a world-class sports rehabilitation center.

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