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January 12, 2023

Two TV heroines, two different styles. One embodies unusual, eccentric glamor dressed up to the extreme, and the other a revival of Gothic style. What they have in common is that they are both at the origin of many trends of the moment. True fashion icons, Emily Cooper and Wednesday Addams, the main characters of the successful series that bear their names – “Emily in Paris” (season 3) and “Wednesday”, available on Netflix from the end of 2022, are at the center of the most intense fashion battle in these first in 2023. So, which one has the biggest impact on your wardrobe? Here’s what the numbers say…

Chic Parisian style from Emily in Paris

While Emily Cooper’s outfits have been making waves in the fashion sphere since the show’s first season aired in late 2020, becoming edgier with later episodes, Wednesday Addams’s seem to be just as influential since the launch of the cult horror. comedy, one of Netflix’s biggest successes to date, last November. And one thing is certain, the two heroines, played by Lily Collins and Jenna Ortega, have become real fashion icons thanks to these two shows with their very different universes. And indeed, young viewers especially swear by the wardrobe trends seen on the two female protagonists.

On TikTok, a social network popular among the young generation in question, the battle is mostly in Parisienne’s favor by adoption. A hashtag related to Emily Cooper’s outfits (#Emilyinparisoutfits) generated more than 75 million views, while the one dedicated to Wednesday Addams’ look (#Wednesdayoutfits) was the source of ‘only’ 3 million views. However, the heroine of “Emily in Paris” has been showing her outfits for three seasons, and the youngest daughter of the Addams family only one.

Jenna Ortega on Wednesday – Getty

Global fashion search engine Stylight* also looked at the search interest generated by the two characters on Google, and Emily Cooper is once again leading the numbers game, gradually taking the lead in this style battle. The terms “Emily in Paris outfits” generated as many as 57,000 searches last month (+87%), while the words “Wednesday outfits” accounted for only 11,000 searches (+11%), which testifies to a greater infatuation with the glamor of the world. most Parisian women than American women.

Now it’s time to analyze the major fashion trends inspired by these two shows to determine their impact on viewers’ wardrobes. On Stylight’s international platforms, the neon clothing and accessories featured in the “Emily in Paris” show are currently the hot pick of the moment (+1000% of clicks in December 2022), ahead of the spotted metallic minis in the same program (+900%), and black lace dresses seen in the show “Wednesday” (+540%). This is followed by platform boots worn by Goth Girl (+464%), followed by multi-colored clothing and accessories worn by Emily Cooper (+320%).

While it seems that the American in Paris will win this fashion battle, it’s clear that the gothic style is also making its way to the top of the trends thanks to the emo high school girls. Not bad at all for Wednesday Addams.

*Google figures are based on aggregate search growth for the keywords listed, according to Google Trends and Glimpse, while TikTok views are recorded as of January 9, 2023. Stylight click data is for December 2022 vs. December 2021 for all categories listed .

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